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Facebook Is Changing... And So Should Your Advertising
Written by Connor Peterson on Aug. 29th 2019
Do you advertise on Facebook? 

Do you send people to your website?

Do you need to send people to your website to accomplish your goal? 

If your answers went yes, yes, no… then this will be valuable for you.

Facebook is a social network (yeah duh so?).

Facebook makes money when you pay it money to advertise (again yeah duh).

It can sell more inventory (eye balls) if more people are on the platform, therefore more people on the platform more frequently means more money for Facebook.

All of this is probably common sense.

What keeps people on Facebook or Instagram (since they’re the same company). 

In short….

Valuable stuff.

Funny cat videos, important news about their friends… 

Probably not your ads.

Thing is, Facebook wants people to have a good time on Facebook so they have more people on Facebook… so they can make more money.

Again, all of this seems pretty common sense.

Here’s the deal though, if you send people off Facebook… that potentially hurts Facebook.

Since now they’re not looking at their news feed and other ads, they’re looking at your website… which Facebook can’t control.

“Okay fine, I get it but I need to send people to my website so that they become customers.”

But do you?

If you’re an information product there’s a more advanced way to do this… 

But if you’re like any local business this is especially important for you.

Your business is built on people making appointments and coming through your front door.

Most businesses put a form up on their site, send traffic to it (maybe) and then hope that it converts.

Thing is, the ultimate goal is that they book and appointment and come through your door so you can sell them stuff.

There really isn't much added value to them trying to navigate your website…

If anything it’s making things more confusing for them and potentially losing you a sale.

We can go into the psychology of decision fatigue more but… not today. 

Today, let's worry about the two things that matter…

Getting people scheduled, and them actually showing up.

How do you do that without sending people to your website?

Enter lead ads…

If you’re a business that primarily needs people on the phone…

This NEEDS to be your bread and butter.

This is an ad, native to Facebook (cheaper than sending people off Facebook) that allows you to collect a prospects name email and phone number.

Since we know that the most important thing is getting them on the phone…

It’s best to cut out everything in between…

Eg them navigating your website.

Moral of the story, if you’re running ads on Facebook, you’re a local business, and you want to schedule calls….

Switch to lead ads.

In the long run this will lower your costs and increase the probability of more people becoming customers.

Want help implementing this strategy for your business?

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Connor Peterson

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